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A film student shoots a documentary in his stepfather’s seedy rehearsal studio, in an effort to expose the underground world he suspects exists behind the artistic façade.

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Our inaugural project, “Space Available Original Series,” was conceived, written, and directed by co-founder Pasquale Avella. Set in one of NYC’s shadier rehearsal studios, where struggling artists co-exist with studio employees, management, and other patrons of questionable intentions. The fictional, character-driven series presents a realistic, poignant, and often humorous portrait of the urban artistic struggle.

Written by Pasquale Avella, Isaac

Rathbone, Mike Blejer, Ben Kharakh


Directed by Pasquale Avella


Produced by Rosa Rodriguez, Pasquale Avella, John Austin Wiggins, Ravin Patterson


Starring John Austin Wiggins, Victor Verhaeghe, Patrick Avella, Rosa Rodriguez, Ashley Trawinski, Lisa Vacca, Gregory James Cohan, Valerie Donaldson

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